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About Gerry Duffy

Hi, I’m Gerry Duffy.

At the age of 27, (1995) I found myself stuck in a rut. I was bored with life and my physical condition was a symptom of how I was living my life back then. I was 50lbs heavier and I was an addicted smoker. I wasn’t happy, but every day I did the same, so I got the same.

I decided to take responsibility for myself. I made some changes, took up running, created and embraced a healthier lifestyle and as a result, got much fitter both physically and mentally.

At that time I was in a less than stimulating job, but I quickly realised it wasn’t the job that was the problem- it was me. It was my attitude to it and my lack of ambition for it. As soon as I changed, everything started to change.

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