Keynote Speaking

Looking for a powerful, engaging and empowering speaker at your next corporate event? Gerry prides himself on delivering bespoke presentations based on any specific brief you may have.. With that in mind, he is always keen to understand what your key requirements are and what will you want to see in your audience afterwards. The first step is normally a Zoom or face to face briefing meeting to discuss your event in more detail.

“I was impressed with Gerry right from our initial point of contact some weeks previous to the event occurring. His appetite for detail and information on the group he was presenting to was incredible and his preparation for the event itself was really impressive. He spoke to our group for 3 hours on Goal Setting, where he had the audience sitting in the ‘palm of his hand’. The most useful session we ever had as a company event.”

Mairead Griffin, Head of Sales, Grunenthal Pharma

“Thank you for an amazing presentation yesterday. Everyone was so inspired by your words, teambuilding exercises and videos. I really appreciated the amount of preparation you put into this. It showed! We simply have to do this again.“

Pat O Brien, Managing Director, Dental Medical Ireland

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Corporate Performance

The only constant is change and that has never been truer than in a commercial environment, Usually, business leaders are not only aware of the importance of change but also have a pretty good idea of the best strategic response in order to deliver it. Whether it’s creating a new company culture and values, setting clearer and more achievable goals for your business or improving management performance in achieving them, Gerry can help guide your business transformation through structured and engaging coaching programs.

“I approached Gerry because I wanted to develop my senior management team to become the best they can be, by improving their leadership skills. The results were amazing, we not only learned about our own personal strengths and weaknesses but also those of our colleagues which has improved how we communicate with each other. This improved communication has brought significant efficiencies to the business. I would highly recommend this leadership course to any company that wants to improve their bottom line”.

John O Shaughnessy Managing Director Clancy Construction

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Public Speaking Training

If improving your public speaking ability is important to you, Gerry’s Speaker School can help dramatically improve your speaking skills. It’s an interactive and fun masterclass (beginner/intermediate level) to help people show up with confidence for their next presentation and deliver with impact. We limit it to 14 participants, to allow for lots of one-to-one coaching. Each person brings a 3-minute presentation, which they will have the opportunity to deliver twice during the day.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand the FOUR KEYS to a Great Presentation.
  • Know how to OVERCOME Fear/Nerves
  • Learn the three Ways to OPEN any presentation
  • Master techniques to HOLD your audience for anything from 5 minutes to 5 hours

This course is ideal for business owners, sales professionals, team leaders, business trainers & coaches, teachers & lecturers or even aspiring speakers.

“Just a quick note to say a huge thanks for today. As always your delivery and content was phenomenal! Your simple, no nonsense style never ceases to hook me in and my only wish was that it was a two day course.”

Yvonne O’Toole, Site Communications Lead, MSD Ireland Carlow

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